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What’s Airsoft

What’s Airsoft

Never heard of airsoft before? Check out the info below to see why so many people play airsoft.



Airsoft is played using Airsoft guns which are similar to BB guns however they are a much higher standard of quality and or generally modelled after real firearms. These include modern guns like M4s, G36Cs and Aks to WW2-era guns like the venerable Thompson and Sten-gun. If you can think of the gun there’s generally a replica for airsoft. At Sentinel all our hire guns are G36Cs providing excellent full auto capability for the outdoor areas and are small enough to fight indoors.

Tactical Gear

On top of the realistic firearms, Airsoft is generally played wearing a variety of vests, rigs, helmets etc. Some of these provide extra protection, while others provide space for mags, grenades and other gear. Some wear the kit for a purpose, some to look cool, while others try and replicate real-world forces with specific loadouts.

Protective Gear

Safety is the number one priority at all airsoft sites, and chief among this is eye protection. Sentinel Airsoft recommends a full face mask, though adults may choose to wear shooting glasses/goggles which are at least rated to ANSI Z87.1 at their own risk. All airsofters under the age of 18 must wear full face protection.