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Site Rules

Sentinel Rules COVID-19 Rules Safe Zone Will be open to customers, But you may also work out of your cars, in parking area if you…

Sentinel Rules

COVID-19 Rules

Safe Zone

  • Will be open to customers, But you may also work out of your cars, in parking area if you so wish.


  • We will be providing gloves onsite and these will be free for you to use. Please note that whilst barrier gloves are good to stop the infection spreading if you have to make contact with another player we would advise that the best form of prevention here is social distancing.

Hand Sanitiser

  • We will have a number of hand sanitiser stations onsite that will be free for you to use. We would also advise that you should have this as part of your kit so that you can ensure that you are protected even when you have left our site and have got back into your car to head home.

Site Hazards

  • The Outpost is a derelict site and as such there are trip hazards, holes and divots.
  • Boots with ankle support are recommended.
  • Personal eye protection must be at least ANSI Z87.1 rated.
  • Full face protection is also recommended for all players. Shooting glasses/goggles are worn at your own risk.

Safe Zone

  • No dry firing of weapons in the safe zone.
  • All guns must have magazines removed, chambers cleared and safety applied before entering the safe zone.
  • The safe zone is the only area on site that eye protection may be removed. Eye protection must be worn when travelling to the toilet.
  • There is a portable toilet on site.
  • Free hot drinks (tea, coffee, etc) all day, and soft drinks and snacks available for purchase.
  • We run an on-site shop selling a range of airsoft kit including pyro, gas, BBs and a selection of kit.
  • Food is included in the price for full game days, if you have any dietary requirements please make the marshals aware at the start of the day.

Site Rules

  • Players must be a minimum of 16 years of age
  • No alcohol or non-prescription drugs to be consumed on-site.
  • Do not shoot the nearby cattle or local wildlife.
  • Do not climb on the roof of the main building.
  • Do not move barricades, barrels, pallets or crates. Leave all structures where they are.
  • Do not intentionally destroy props, barricades, windows or lights.
  • Doors may be opened with your feet, but do so carefully. Do not kick doors off their hinges.
  • Marshals have the final say in all matters, any issues with other players should be taken to the marshals to be dealt with. Do not self-marshal (shouting “take your hits!”, etc).
  • Weapon FPS is limited to 350fps with a .2g BB for all weapons.
  • Weapons are restricted to single-shot only in the indoor areas and if shooting into or out of the building
  • Sniper rifles are prohibited. Support weapons (and weapons with box magazines) may only be used in the outdoor game areas.
  • CO2 powered weapons are prohibited, however CO2 powered moscarts are allowed.
  • Metal, metal coated or glass BBs are prohibited.
  • All weapons must be chrono’d and tagged by a marshal before use that day.
  • Blind firing (discharging your weapon without a clear view of the gun barrel, sticking the barrel around a corner or through small holes in barricades) is completely prohibited.
  • When shooting through gaps in doors and barricades, the hole must be equal or larger than a sheet of A4 paper. Doors must also be opened the width of an A4 sheet before firing through them.
  • A hit is counted on any part of your body. Be it the peak of your cap, your toes, a holstered weapon or the tip of your finger, a hit counts as a kill.
  • When hit, immediately raise your hand high above your head and give a loud shout of “HIT!”, ensuring those shooting in your direction can both see and hear that you have been eliminated and will stop firing at you.
  • When dead, do not talk to teammates or give callouts over radio. Head back to respawn and only once you are back in the game may you resume communication.
  • Dead players may use the phrase “dead man walking” to announce themselves when moving through combat areas to ensure all players know not to shoot them. Keep your hand held high as well to signify that you are dead.
  • Do not use dead players as cover.
  • If you have the absolute dead drop on a single opposing player, and are within two meters, you may say “bang” or “surrender” instead of shooting them. If on the receiving end, please respect this common courtesy and take the hit.
  • LARP weapons and training knives are allowed, but must be capable of bending easily to be taken on the field.
  • A silent knife kill may be performed with a LARP weapon or single finger by tapping the unsuspecting player on the shoulder. If on the receiving end, silently acknowledge the kill by raising your hand and walking back to regen.
  • No other physical contact than the silent knife kills explained above may be used.
  • Headshots do count, and are a fair target if the head is all that is exposed, but of course if a shot to the body is available take that first. Avoid headshots whenever possible
  • When moving through the buildings, keep weapons pointed at chest height in an effort to reduce accidental headshots.
  • If hit on the weapon you are actively using, you may call a loud shout of “GUN HIT” and switch to a secondary if you have one. You may not use the hit weapon for the rest of that life until you head back for regen. This may only be done once per life.


  • Nothing louder than 9mm blanks or MK9 disposable pyro is allowed on-site.
  • Pyro not purchased from Sentinel Airsoft must be approved by a member of staff first
  • Do not pick up or try to return lit pyro
  • Pyro is not to be deployed over the tops of walls into structures; it must go through a window or door.
  • Do not intentionally aim for people
  • Disposable soft-case smokes and pyro may be thrown overarm in the outside areas only.
  • Hard-cased and reusable pyro must only be deployed underarm below waist level.
  • Pyro has a kill radius of 4 meters and is an outright kill unless behind hard cover.
  • Hard cover is considered any solid object you can hide your entire body behind.
  • Barricades with holes (eg: pallets) do not count as hard cover.
  • Other players do not count as hard cover.
  • Smokes are not to be used inside the main building.
  • Do not retrieve reusable pyro during a firefight. Wait until the fight has moved on and recover your pyro afterwards.
  • When playing games with medic rules, a pyro kill is an instant death and the dead player cannot be revived. They must go to regen per the rules of that scenario.

If you have any questions about the site rules please ask a marshal on the day or send us a message.