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Sentinel Airsoft High Intensity Airsoft in the heart of the UK CQB and Built up Action With a mix of close- to mid-range outdoor fighting…

Sentinel Airsoft

High Intensity Airsoft in the heart of the UK

CQB and Built up Action

With a mix of close- to mid-range outdoor fighting and extremely close range battle, you’re spoiled for choice at Sentinel. From the sprawling outdoor engagements to the room-to-room battles with multiple flanking routes and dark tunnels, both new players and experienced airsofters will have their skills tested.

Sentinel Airsoft Outdoor A007


The 4 corners surrounding the old RAF listening post are the main outdoor engagement areas. Push through choke points and fight from cover to cover in 4 unique areas.

Sentinel Airsoft Outdoor A002

Corner 1

Corner 1 features a high bird’s nest overlooking a mix of small outposts, compounds and smaller pieces of cover, perfect for defending from attacks from the road. Do you lay down suppressing fire from in the bird’s nest, pick enemies off at range from within the compound, or wait amongst the smaller cover waiting for the right moment to strike?

Corner 2

Corner 2 features two main routes to attack the helicopter, a straight run though a narrow tunnel where defenders can lay in wait or attack from above. Alternatively, push from cover to cover to get to the helicopter and force the enemies off the top of the hill.

Sentinel Airsoft Outdoor A004
Sentinel Airsoft Outdoor A003

Corner 3

Defenders can use a mix of pallets, small structures and the ridge line to hold off the opposing team for as long as possible.

Corner 4

Corner 4 centres around two large tankers. A number of tunnels and wooden structures alongside the building provides plenty of cover, and a larger multi-room wooden structure out in the field gives a strong position for defence.

Sentinel Airsoft Outdoor A005


The main block has three main areas of point-blank to close range engagement, from the dully lit corridors of the admin block, the twisting maze of the main complex to the dark corridors which cut along the building. Time to hone your CQB skills.

Sentinel Airsoft Indoor B002

Main Block

Fast paced room-to-room firefights, as you defend your ground or push through the building.

Admin Block

Half-illuminated and half shrouded in darkness, fight through tight corridors and doorways. Make sure to check your corners as someone could be making a last stand at every turn.

Sentinel Airsoft Indoor B004


Pitch black corridors cut around areas of the main section offering flanking routes and spots to hide where someone could be waiting to knife you in the back.

Sentinel Airsoft Indoor B003


Unisex on-site toilet

Safe Zone

An indoor safe zone with tea and coffee making facilties, an on-site shop and charging station.

On Site Parking

Sentinel Airsoft has full on site parking close to the safe zone.